Value through Arts & Culture

The art and culture sector, especially in South Africa, is of immeasurable value and has immense growth potential, both economically and socially.

With most traditional industries suffering under the global economic slowdown, the Arts and Culture sector has become even more significant. The potential for growth is multiplied because of South Africa’s rich and diverse heritage and population, which adds another dimension to our creativity and innovation and increases our competitiveness internationally.

It is therefore no coincidence that Cape Town was awarded the title of World design Capital in 2014!

To illustrate the value of arts and culture herewith some facts of its tangible and intangible assets.

Economic and employment facts, tangible assets

– our natural heritage contributes R21 billion per annum to our economy

– music industry close to R2 billion

– visual arts sector R2 billion, escalating by R1 billion per annum and providing employment for close to 20 000 people

– book publishing industry, R3.2 billion, 14 000 employees

– the film industry R5,5 billion, employing 30 000 people

Above numbers are growing annually more than in any other sector.

Intangible assets

– creates a climate of social stability

– grows self- confidence and self-worth of the individuals, which then is able to add value to society

– it is often the only escape out of poverty and desperation

– enhances understanding and exchange of culture amongst our diverse population

– communicates our values and vision internationally

– it enhances also the quality of life of its audience, because it entertains and motivates!

– Arts and culture is a universal language and in a country like South Africa, with 11 official languages, arts and culture is the only common one!

Arts and Culture is NO luxury, but a necessity and the foundation of all functional societies since inception.

Assist us to add value to society and in turn enhance your own quality of life!