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About Us

Whether you are in Cape Town on a business trip, or on holiday, or live and work here, Youngblood Venues offers you the finest in private luxury accommodation and elegant event locations. From exquisite villas to stylish apartments, from versatile exhibition spaces to exclusive guesthouses, Youngblood Venues is ready to make your stay or function here a truly beautifull experience.

Right in the city centre, in Bree Street, you will find the Beautifull Life building, which houses the Youngblood gallery, and where Youngblood Arts and Culture Development is based. The historical, three-storey building is the centerpiece of Youngblood Venues, ideally suited for private and corporate functions of up to 200 guests.

Mountains and beaches, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the harbour, and several vineyards – they all create splendid scenic backdrops to the various Youngblood Venues available to you. In addition to our gorgeous locations, our on-site services give you everything you need to plan and enjoy the most relaxing vacation, the most professional business function, the most unique art exhibition and even the perfect wedding.

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Our Venues and Locations

Eagle Rock is a luxury guest house in Bantry Bay with 6 suites. It sits on the slope of Lion’s Head and offers spectacular views of the ocean, the Twelve Apostles, the coastline and the city itself. Guests have a well-stocked wine cellar, friendly staff, and fitness facilities including two pools and a sauna at their disposal. Extraordinary artwork, elegant design and sophisticated décor, along with an excellent security system and absolute privacy – Eagle Rock is accessible only via a private road – all contribute to an atmosphere of total relaxation. From business functions to private events, Eagle Rock provides an ideal location for various occasions.


Beautifull Life in Bree Street is where Youngblood‘s foundation is based. This striking venue right in the centre of Cape Town is suitable for private and corporate functions. Youngblood‘s own in-house restaurant, Beautifull Food, is on the ground floor. Regularly open for breakfast and lunch, it also caters for all in-house and other Youngblood events. Its 3 floors can be rented independently or in combination for a wide variety of functions, workshops, performances and exhibitions.
Kylemore is a trendy and tastefully furnished 3-bedroom self-catering apartment at the renowned Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, with a fabulous view of the marina and the canal. For anyone hoping to see and do as much as possible in Cape Town, it is the ultimate home base, complete with upmarket shopping opportunities, excellent restaurants and breathtaking views. Kylemore has 24-hour security and safe underground parking.

Our History

Youngblood Arts & Culture Development, which won a BASA (Business and Arts South Africa) award, was created in January 2010. Its founder, Roger Jungblut, realized that the talented individuals making up South Africa’s burgeoning field of arts and culture need two things above all: capital and exposure. Youngblood gives them both.

Roger Jungblut is the CEO of UAL (Universal Africa Lines), a leading shipping company that has been connecting Africa’s oil and gas industry with the US and Europe for over 40 years. Through Youngblood, he committed his considerable international business expertise to the development of the arts and culture industries as well.

As an example: Youngblood Foundation arranges and finances training programmes to facilitate skills transfer. This way, many undereducated and underprivileged members of our society are given a very real chance at a sustainable future in the creative industries.

Roger Jungblut’s commitment to this cause runs very deep indeed. He has put privately owned properties – now the Youngblood Venues – as well as UAL‘s extensive international business network at Youngblood‘s service.

Today, the foundation is just as committed to its pioneering objectives. Youngblood organizes support for the arts, and for artists, via corporate-sector and private-sector sponsors, and via other companies with CSI (Corporate Social Investment) programmes, where Youngblood itself has its origins. Accordingly, all proceeds from the Youngblood venues are also donated to Youngblood Foundation.

By acknowledging arts and culture as a social foundation, we contribute
to the development of a flourishing society.