Beautifull Food

Clara Bubenzer is a young German speaking South African chef who has been cooking up “a storm” for the past 5 years.
She travelled extensively throughout South Africa, Europe and the Middle East, cooking and “picking up the best bits” everywhere, which, together with her unstoppable passion for clean honest food and local organic produce, form the basis of  Beautifull Food.
Luckily her professional training and experience, locally with chefs like George Jardine, Margo Janse and Elaine Rousseau and internationally in Egypt as an advisory chef for an international food import business, has not changed her original approach:

Growing and cooking with love and respect, honest and clean food, that makes you feel good inside without adding centimeters on the outside !

Experience Beautifull Food  at Beautifull Life building in a relaxed and creative atmosphere with well connected wi-fi.

All meals are served with a complimentary carafe of  “Clara’s sexy water”, naturally infused still water – try cucumber & lemon / mint or basil & pomegranate.

Clara will remind you  just how great food can be with just a few ingredients and knowing where they come from – “local is rocking”!

All profits of “Beautifull Food” support further arts & culture developments.

Call to make a booking: 021 424 0074 or simply pop in at 70-72 Bree Street, Cape Town

beautifull food menu