Function Form and Glass

Function Form and Glass is a multi-dimensional company whose motto is function determines the form. Every piece of glasswork created under the supervision of design talent Martin Shultz is unique, every piece handmade and pieced together like a work of art.

Another aspect of this fascinating business is their production of clear, Perspex shoeboxes that open like a drawers and can be used individually or stacked.  These boxes allow shoes to be ventilated, well organised and easily visible! Shoes therefore become pieces of art when displayed. Drawers can be modified on request so that they can be used a store other items too.

The company also produces shell lighting pieces born by a fascination of the form, shapes and proportions of shells from the oceans of the world.

The soothing light emitted from these shell shades creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

As every shell is unique, so are the shades of these innovative lighting pieces – each a one-off creation of special value.

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