medici in partnership with camira fabrics and verpan

camira fabrics: love making fabrics. Not just any old fabrics. Camira design
and manufacture the most innovative, adventurous, environmentally sensitive
fabrics in the world, all made to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, meeting
international flammability regulations, celebrating colour, design,
technical and environmental innovation.

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verpan has reached into Verner Panton’s treasure chest of design icons to
select stunning works that are fresh now as when Panton sketched them in the
1960’s and 1970’s.

verpan, the Danish producer of some of Verner Panton’s most iconic designs,
will introduce SOUTH AFRICA to Verner Panton works, that were made in small
quantities years ago. Verpan produces lights, furniture, rugs and textiles
designed by Verner Panton in accordance with Panton’s original drawings and
in cooperation with the Panton estate.

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