We at Youngblood, believe that creativity and innovation are enhanced by cultural exchange, nationally and internationally.

To “translate” creative thoughts into tangible visuals arts, skills and knowledge of techniques are vital.

Therefore Youngblood invites highly acclaimed international artists to run workshops at our Beautifull Life building.

Participants are local artists, students and young talents who are passionate about growing their own abilities, learning, exchanging cultural values and collaborating with international artists.

Each workshop runs for 7-10 days at Beautifull Life in Cape Town. All material and related costs are covered by Youngblood.

Besides learning new skills and techniques, one collaborative artwork will be produced during each workshop which is either a private / corporate commission or gets auctioned at a dedicated function after the workshop.

All proceeds are being shared by the participants.

Additional benefits includes professional media coverage of the workshop, potential access to international exhibitions and venues through direct contact with a well-establish artist and mentor, as well as transfer of business skills needed to make it in the art world.

For details on the next workshop and application dates, visit out events calendar or contact