Collaborations with Youngblood

Youngblood is an arts and culture incubator focused on working in collaboration with partners, artists and organisations who want to manifest projects or productions and who are able to ensure these projects are made sustainable for the future.

The value of a project is determined according to the following criteria:

a) the nature of the project’s business plan;
b) the capacity of the project to demonstrate a dedication to being developmental and empowering vis-a-vis its target audience and/or beneficiaries.

All applicants are required to submit the following:

1.    Background of the artist/s, previous projects and the project for which you are applying;
2.    Motivate as to why you believe Youngblood should support this project;
3.    Who is your target audience?
4.    Who are your beneficiaries?
5.    What role do you see Youngblood playing in the collaboration?
6.    How do you envisage becoming self-sustainable?
7.    A full business plan including budgets and timeline;
8.    Indicate how you would want Youngblood to assist in the budget;
9.    Information on funds you are seeking or have secured from another organization to help
       support your proposal.

Should a project collaboration be approved, Youngblood will require a full narrative report upon completion detailing how funds were employed in manifesting the project.

Youngblood will also conduct project site visits periodically to offer support where needed.

Youngblood has two official calls for application – the closing dates are 28 February and 31 August. The applicants will be informed of the decision of the foundation six weeks from the closing date.

Applications outside of this period will be accepted, but the applicants should be aware that the decision will take longer and that funds for the period might already be distributed.