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Dr Luc’s Promise

With literature and quality food being an essential part of culture, Youngblood supports both, together with positive sustainable lifestyle changes, which enhance mind and body!

By improving and enhancing the strength of the individual, society as a whole gets strengthened.

Incorrect food choices, malnutrition despite obesity and lack of knowledge affecting people’s health and growth comes at a major cost to society.

Therefore Youngblood supports and promotes nationally and internationally Dr. Luc’s Promise, a new well researched book, dealing in depth with the diet problem.
Dr Luc’s Promise to make you lose the weight and keep it off is the only sustainable option to yo-yo dieting.

It is Youngblood’s mission to empower all individuals to make healthy choices and in the long run to convince government to implement food standards which currently don’t exist.

Even the quality of pet food (min nutritional value per 100gm) and toilet paper are regulated, whereas the quality of human food isn’t. “ There is no law against selling any amount of empty calories, without any nutritional value! ”

Our biggest asset, the health and wellbeing of the individual and society as a whole, is neglected and the main ingredient nutrition under-regulated.

Youngblood is actively involved in promoting not just the book, but also the course as a whole.

Dr Luc has pledged 10% of his income on the sales of his books to Youngblood’s projects.

For more information visit www.drlucspromise.com

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