Pure-felt Africa

Highly accomplished Dutch artist Dianne Schepers is, teaching her unique technique of transforming pure wool and silks into felt (all sustainable materials) into remarkable works of art to a group of young local talent whos motivation is to acquire skills and secure permanent employment at Pure-felt Africa.

The architectural, sound insulating and tactile qualities of these works connect art and people of all backgrounds, making them especially suited for commercial and public spaces. This ancient yet new technique forms the perfect foundation for sustainable local business producing commissioned artworks.

Proceeds of the commissioned works, produced by Pure-felt africa are being reinvested into previously unemployed young talents to continue production under Dianne’s artistic supervision and to sustain Pure-felt africa.

Pure-felt africa is currently being formed and their first commission is the set design of another exciting youngblood project – Flower of Shembe ( see under collaborations)

For corporate commissions contact  Petra Wiese, petra@youngblood-venues.com

More about pure-felt:  www.pure-felt.com

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Felt touch is a newly launched brand of all natural and hand-made felted interior textiles and accent pieces. All felt touch’s pieces are entirely handmade –
a labour of love with no two pieces alike. Towards developingand supplying clients’ requests, we offer consultations and customised solutions.

Range introduction:

Based in Cape Town, Felt Touch works with one of nature’s most giving materials – wool. The past few years have seen a renewed interest in wool, and with South Africa being one of the top 12 sheep farming countries in the world, Felt Touch both supports local manufacturers and contributes to developing skills locally.

With the support of YoungBlood Arts & Culture Development and under the mentorship of international felt artist Dianne Schepers, Felt Touch is pleased to present its launch range*:

Pendulum: Felted balls of wool or wool/silk blend, in various sizes, loose or on a string of locally produced and hand spun yarn.





Lunar Halo: Large long-felted tendrils in circular patterns seamlessly set on thick felt.





Nautalis: Thin short-felted tendrils in a nautalis pattern, seamlessly set on medium or thick felt.






Flutter: Wool and silk felted in lace-inspired patterns on silk organza.






Ripple: Two layers of wool felted together with linear ridges, available in thin, medium and thick felt.







*Felt touch textiles and products are available in natural undyed or colour selection from swatch chart of over 40 colours.

Why wool is better: 

•    Its high performance attributes include superior appearance retention, natural breathability and inherent flame retardancy.

•    Because of the crimp in the wool hair, wool fabrics have a greater bulk than other textiles, and retain air, which causes the woollen felt to retain heat. Insulation also works both ways.

•    It also has a lower rate of flame spread, and when burnt forms a char which is insulating and self-extinguishing, and contributes less to toxic gases and smoke than other flooring products, when used in carpets.

•    Wool is resistant to static electricity, and is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic.

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tel: 021 424 0074 or call Rucera: 079 89 75875

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