Remix – the initial project taken on by Youngblood.

Remix is one of the first and longest standing integrated dance companies in the country – recognising people of all physical abilities.

Remix produces quality choreographed, innovative productions and collaborations made possible by the partnership the company has had with Youngblood Arts and Culture Development.

This visionary dance company simultaneously entertains, educates and inspires – challenging attitudes towards dance gender, disability and integration with poignant programs of solid artistic integrity.

Remix performs on professional and mainstream dance platforms allowing greater visibility for differently-abled dancers and thereby serving as champions of the freedom of expression.

Remix has been responsible for groundbreaking education, skills training and outreach work with mainstream schools and schools for learners with disability, through performance and dance.

2011 highlights include: The prestigious BASA award – First Time Sponsor
– in collaboration with Youngblood Arts and Culture Development.

Tremendous success with Lovaffair which enjoyed two full runs at the
Baxter Theatre (2009) and performed at Grahamstown National Arts Festival

The recent Freedom to Create short listing from over 2000 international entries.

2012 highlights include: International performances at the Birmingham International Dance Festival commissioned by the London Organising Committee of Olympic Games as well as performances at London’s South Bank Theatre.

Remix is a fully registered NPO. Any direct funding and sponsoring is fully tax-deductable.

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