CSI Services

The art and culture sector, especially in South Africa, is of immeasurable value and has immense growth potential,
both economically and socially.

With most traditional industries suffering under the global economic slowdown, the Arts and Culture sectorhas become even more significant. The potential for growth is multiplied because of South Africa’s rich and diverse heritage and population, which adds another dimension to our creativity and innovation and increases our competitivenessinternationally.

The Youngblood Foundation aims to ensure that your company will not fall prey to thesesusceptibilities and that our focus will remain on your CSI goals. Therefore Youngblood often enters into long term partnerships with companies and become co-fundersto ensure effective and sustainable CSI projects

Youngblood Foundation offers a fund management service where we provide an all-inclusive social investment solution from inception to full implementation and administration.  Our services include the Following:

  • Identifying which of our projects is in line with your CSI policy and company objectives
  • Administration and disbursing of funds.
  • Liaising with beneficiaries, visiting of project sites and managing all aspects of the beneficiaries development and the project
  • Managing, monitoring and evaluating the impact of projects on the individual, community and your company
  • Comprehensive monthly and annual reporting and knowledge sharing
  • Accountable and transparent fund management processes and strict corporate governance
  • Ensuring your investment is utilised to its fullest potential by creating sustainable results

The advantages of Youngblood distributing your CSI funds:

  • Youngblood is a registered foundation (2012/120072/08)
  • You will receive a Section 18A tax receipt for your donation
  • Maximum implementation of your corporate social investment
  • Providing your company with exposure and PR and involving your staff
  • Full accountability of your financial investment
  • Monthly and annual narrative and statistical performance report

Access to our various venues and spaces, making use of our in-house services and a range of performing arts entertainment from our diverse projects, organised by the YB team .

Our CSI Portfolio includes : Arts & Culture – Disabilities – Job & small business Creation – Skills Development – Community Upliftment .