Flower of Shembe

youngblood’s choice of investment

main objectives

a heritage project –

Flower of Shembe is a multi-dimensional production which addresses our history, culture, religion, human strengths and frailties, and educating and empowering local communities to identify with, communicate and better understand the diversities of our powerful heritage.

Because Flower of Shembe moves beyond the boundaries of pure African expression it can be understood and appreciated globally by all levels of society.

social transformation and integration

Flower of Shembe is unique.  Composed of history and multiple art forms – music, dance, acrobatic, sculptural and visual arts – it demands an equally unique setting for its debut:

ARTSCAPE, D F Malan Street, Foreshore, Cape Town – 2 may –  5 may, 2012   

It is the history of this previously contested national resource, where creativity and design were heralded as a divide and access was denied for the majority of society, which makes it the perfect launching pad for Flower of Shembe and the epic 21st century African tale it tells.

sustainability, skills transfer and enterprise development

For the production of Flower of Shembe, Youngblood has commissioned NeoSong, previously a solo operator, who now employs 18 artists and performers from various social and cultural backgrounds.

The combined experience of Neo Muyanga and the 3 other mavericks, all leaders in their respective industries, assures a successful production with maximum benefit and skills transfer to the individuals involved.

In addition to the cast, highly acclaimed production designer Craig Leo has commissioned local puppeteers to produce intricately designed props for the production.

The sculptural and visual artworks forming the backdrop of this production are being created by previously unemployed women, trained and mentored by renowned felt artist and set designer, Dianne Schepers.  The members of the newly formed company, Pure-Felt Africa, under the artistic supervision of Dianne will initially be managed by Youngblood until they have fully developed their skills and become self-sustainable.


A projected global tour of 24 months is planned. Negotiations are well advanced with international stakeholders regarding venues in various parts of Europe, Latin America and New York.

opportunities to get involved with

  • Youngblood, having financed the entire production and all related costs, is looking for long-term partners or sponsors for the global expansion of Flower of Shembe.
  • The opportunity is for a maximum of four companies to obtain branding rights for all media publications of Flower of Shembe.
  • Commission artworks by Pure-Felt Africa – assuring ongoing sustainability and longevity (separate information available).
  • Youngblood is fully accountable.
  • All funding and sponsorships are separately accounted for.
  • Full financial reports and status updates, media tracking and photographic presentations (print and electronic) will be provided. These are effective motivational tools in-house and for your clientele.
  • 18A Tax certificates are obtainable.

CSI funding and/or sponsorships can be made to Youngblood Foundation or Youngblood company.

further benefits include

National and international impact -Cape Town Design Capital 2014

  • It is significant to note that a marked sign of any developed nation is their sustained commitment to arts & culture, the historical foundation of all societies. Corporates are able to generate competitive advantage through communicating socially responsible brand alignment.
  • The arts and related industries have always been a significant growth area both nationally and in particular in the Cape. The title of Cape Town as Design Capital 2014 goes a long way towards propelling this shift in focus and any alignment with this movement can only be an astute move both economically and socially.
  • Cape Town’s bid for Design Capital 2014 was founded on the concept that design in all its forms, when added together, creates human and city development.
  • Flower of Shembe goes international prior to this event, showcasing SA’s creativity in multiple design disciplines and leading South Africa with a new genre of music “ the mythic opera”.

effective PR exposure

  • Strengthening the donor/sponsors brand with effective PR campaigns, print, online, radio and tv exposure, branding and marketing.
  • Internationally, Youngblood is gaining exposure for Flower of Shembe and its partners through existing media alliances and its extensive corporate network derived from its main sponsor, UAL Alliance.

Looking forward to discussing the opportunities with you is:

Petra Wiese : +27 (0)83 5000 800 or +27 (0)21 424 0074 or email petra@ybafricanculture .com 

tel +27 (0)21 424 0074

Youngblood commits to guarantee the successful continuation of Flower of Shembe.